Modification/Adaptive Equipment

The Independent Living Center provides limited home modifications to individuals who are physically disabled.  Any modifications provided by TILC must improve the access and safety for the individual residing in the home.  Examples of home modifications include wheelchair ramps and grab bar installation.

Home Modifications Eligibility:

  • The modification must be directly related to the individual's disability.
  • The individual must be income eligible (low to very-low income). 
  • The individual must have lived at their current address for over one year.
  • If renting, the individual must be current on rent paid and not have an eviction action pending and must have prior written approval from the landlord for any modifications.
  • The home must be in good enough condition to support the modifications and not present a danger to the home modification team.


Adaptive Equipment/Assistive Technology Loan and Demonstration Program

TILC provides assistive technology loans and demonstrations funded in part through Missouri Assistive Technology. TILC is able to provide necessary assistive technology and adaptive equipment to individuals that meet certain requirements. For more information about programs offered through Missouri Assistive Technology, visit their website

Examples of available adaptive equipment include: bath seats, reachers, dress assists, bedside commodes, amplified telephones, adaptive utensils, walkers, and much more. 


Adaptive Equipment Eligibility:

  • The adaptive equipment must be directly related to a physical disability.
  • The individual must be income eligible (low to very-low income).
  • The individual must demonstrate that they are unable to obtain the equipment from another source like private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare or the Veteran's Administration. 

Contact Shannon Blank at 417-659-8086 or for more information. 

Accessibility Surveys 
TILC provides free and low-cost accessibility surveys for homes, businesses and public spaces.  Visit our accessibility survey page for more information.